Monday, August 8, 2011

Kanye West X Jay-Z "Watch The Throne"

The anticipated album from Kanye West and Jay-Z became available for purchase on Apple's iTunes today at midnight. The album will be available in-stores for purchase only at Best Buy on August 12. Two weeks later other record retailers will have the album for sale. Talk about exclusive!

Due to me being old school and love having the physical album art, I did not buy the digital copy from iTunes. I will wait to purchase the deluxe album from Best Buy. Kanye West is by far my favorite artist. His lyrical abilities never cease to amaze me. I am definitely #Team Kanye! I am also a fan of Jay-Z but I prefer pre-Blueprint Jigga. The Blueprint album series was nice though. Just not his best. But if I had to choose my favorite album form either artist it would be: Kanye West College Dropout and Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt.

Overall, I like what I have heard of the album so far. I've only listened to clips but I could definitely see myself listening to this album from beginning to end. I will give more of my thoughts on the album once I have listened to every song in its entirety. 

Click on the link below to listen to clips of each song featured on Watch The Throne:

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