Friday, August 12, 2011

Premiere: Kanye West X Jay-Z "Otis" Video

Ye and Hov sampled Otis Redding's 1996 hit Try A Little Tenderness. This song is dope and is on their album Watch The Throne. Simply another hit from two of the best rappers in the game.

"I made “Jesus Walks” I’m never going to hell. Couture level flow, it’s never going on sale. 
Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses. 
Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive"- Kanye West

They say I’m crazy, well, I’m ’bout to go dumb again.They aint see me cause I pulled up in my other Benz. Last week I was in my other other Benz.Throw your diamonds up cause we in this bitch and up again"- Kanye West

"Run up on Yeezy the wrong way, I might murk ya. Flee in the G450 I might surface.
Political refugee, asylum can be purchased"- Jay-z

"Jay is chillin’, ‘Ye is chillin’. What more can I say? We killin’ ‘em. Hold up, before we end this campaign. As you can see, we done bodied the damn lames. Lord, please let them accept the things they can’t change"- Kanye West



  1. OMG! gotta go to the concert....They are most definitely on my top 10 favs.


  2. wish I could go to the concert. They aren't coming to my city and the Chicago date only has level 300 seats available (nose bleeds) ='(